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StillPoint Capital Provides Solutions for Investment Banking Needs

StillPoint Capital

StillPoint Capital was originally founded as Stock Sale Compliance [SSC] in 2004. The partners of StillPoint Capital bring their specialized experience and financial networks to the firm as they operate their departments to best support the client and the registered representative.

StillPoint Capital provides Investment Banking Services, Corporate Consulting and Advisory Services and an unparalleled Registered Representative Program for Securities Licensing.

What is most unique about StillPoint Capital is that while each business line may operate independently, the complement of having them in-house creates a synergy with greater depth of services, support and thus increasing the probably of success for our registered representatives and clients alike.

StillPoint Capital’s full-service Investment Banking Department best supports its clients by having an in-house network of international deal makers with whom their opportunities may be shared. The Corporate Consulting and Advisory Department provides services to transactions both those of the Investment Banking Department and those outside of the firm. Then, the one-of-a-kind Registered Representative Program provides a unique platform through which Registered Representatives may operate with the support of the Investment Banking and the Consulting and Advisory departments for guidance, distribution or services upon request and mutual agreement. The complimentary services provide a more efficient and optimized solutions for our clients initatives.

Taking advantage of the firm’s resources as a client or Registered Representative of StillPoint Capital is your option, but benefiting by the depth and breadth of experience of the firm’s business model is an inevitable outcome if you do.

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